Financial Aspects

Even with health insurance, there is usually a deductible that ranges anywhere from $2000 to $8000 yearly.  That does not include co-pay expenses.  An average list of supplies needed for a month is as follows:

2 boxes of pouches/bags 10 bags per box $120.00 $240.00
4 boxes of wafers 5 wafers per box $60.00 $240.00
stoma support belt $8.00
adhesive remover $15.00
skin barrier wipes $15.00
medical adhesive $30.00
barrier rings $100.00
convex rings $100.00
deodorant $25.00
tape $40.00
strip paste $30.00
Total $843.00


The above amounts are a low average.  For example, if a person has issues with leakage, it is common to go through 2-3 pouches in a day.  That would easily add $60 to $120 extra in a month, bringing the total to $963!  Furthermore, if there are leaks, it is likely there is also peristomal skin breakdown.  This would mean doctor’s appointments and additional wound treatment supplies.