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Ostomy 2-1-1

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An ostomy is what a person has as a result from a surgery in which the bowel or bladder has been diverted due to incontinence, disease, injury, birth defects, cancer treatments, etc.   United Way supports 2-1-1, a free and confidential service that helps people across North America to locate information and support related to health and human services.  Ostomy 2-1-1 helps people to locate information and support related specifically to ostomies.

There is a misconception that only “old” people have ostomies.  That is far from fact.  From newborn to teen, to adult – all ages and ethnicities are included in the “over a million” people with ostomies.  Some because of diseases while others are from medical accidents in which an intestine was nicked.  Some are permanent while others are just temporary.

There are many programs, foundations, associations that have been organized to support research for new therapies and even to find cures to diseases.  There are programs for screening and early detection.  But (in the meantime) there are very few programs in place to assist people who are actually living day to day with ostomies.  The psychosocial and financial effects can be extremely overwhelming and burdensome.

Ostomy 2-1-1 Inc. strives to provide access to as many resources possible to as many people as possible, in relation to ostomies.