OstoMyCare Study 2017 (Ostomates)

We are Leslie Miller from the University of Oklahoma’s Department of Sociology and Debi Fox from Ostomy 2-1-1 Inc.  We invite you to participate in our research project entitled, “The OstoMyCare Study”.

What is the purpose of this research? The purpose of this study is to assess the various ways Ostomates and Clinicians interact, what education materials are discussed, what challenges and/or obstacles they face, and what the overall procedures are regarding caring for a new ostomy patient. It is to compare complications relating to surgery for an ostomy. For instance, length of time spent in the hospital, re-admissions after going home, and overall quality of life in a group of patients that receive education, support, and navigation compared to an existing group of patients who did not receive the interventions. This study will gather and report information to show how peer support can help balance patients’ clinical experience with lived experience. Short-term goals include significantly reducing the likelihood of frequent leakage from the ostomy pouching system and skin irritation, reducing hospital stays and readmission rates, and significantly improve the overall Quality of Life (QoL) of the patient. Long-term goals for this project are policy changes such as improved Palliative (overall patient) care, improved patient education, and/or changes to clinical (including discharge) procedures in relation to ostomies.

Are you a Clinician, you can reach the online questionaire.


Are you an Ostomate, you can reach the online questionaire.


Or you can print out, complete, and return via US Postal Service.