211 rainbow stampNotice the bar across the top – It has links to pages related to Ostomy 2-1-1.

Our programs and operations are spread over numerous platforms.

Please introduce yourself, and let us know you came by to visit.

Ostomy 211.com is our ostomy-related resource directory (similar to a yellow pages directory).

Ostomy211.org is our public website – the main “website” of our Nonprofit Organization.

OstoMyFamily is the location of our private support group.  This is our PRIVATE Facebook-based support group.  We have close to 2300 members.  Whatever is posted in here does NOT show publically.  You are safe to ask the questions you need answered, but may hesitate to if it were a public setting.  We are here, living ostomy life with you.

OstoMyNurse has two modules.  One is to ask questions of an Ostomy Nurse, and the other is to empower nurses to better care for Ostomates.

OstoMyChild is where parents whom have special needs and questions, specific to their children with ostomies can talk with and support one another.

https://www.facebook.com/ostomyfamily is the address of our public Facebook page (for the purpose of Ostomy Awareness).

We hope that you will find us to be of utmost importance in the world related to ostomies.  If you do not readily find what you are looking for, please email us at ostomy211@gmail.com.

OstoMySupplies  is an emergency ostomy supply pantry (like a food pantry, but for ostomy supplies.  We accept donations from all over the world.  We distribute via mail within the US.  If you are located outside of the US, we would refer you to FOW (Friends of Ostomates Worldwide).

We are open to the public on Mondays 2pm – 6pm.  1201 NW 10th St  Oklahoma City, OK  73006

Supplies can be requested here.

Our other social media hangouts are:

Twitter with the username of Ostomy211

LinkedIn with our Director’s name, “Debi K Fox”

Phone, Text:  




Donations can be mailed or dropped off at:

Ostomy 2-1-1

c/o Olivet Baptist Church

1201 NW 10th St

Oklahoma City, OK  73106