Ileostomy Named Stewie Appliance Suggestions

Supplies Used:

Coloplast SenSura Mio Click Convex Light

SenSura® Mio Click Drainable Pouch

Brava strip Paste (I only use ½ a strip at a time) (I also sometimes use Brava or Hollister stoma paste in the tube if I am too tired to roll out the strip)

Brava Powder OR Hollister Powder (both work equally fine for me)

3M Cavilon barrier film wipe Brava barrier strips in half moons

Unscented Baby wipes for sensitive skin

Toilet paper

I had my ileostomy surgery 12/28/2015 and in the beginning had a lot of trouble with finding the right appliances for me. I am extremely sensitive to adhesives and most of them made me break out. I can use some Hollister products but only for about 18hrs before my skin turns bright pink… even certain bandaid brands will make me break out. I usually change my bags Wednesday and Sunday because those are when I have the most time at home between juggling my 2 jobs but just recently I made it 8 days with no issues using my usual regimine. I had a blowout at 4AM on a Saturday morning so I was half awake but still made it to the following Sunday a week out, late morning. Now I will preface this with I have only had 2 nighttime blowouts, both of them happened after eating waaaay too many pickles after midnight so I have learned that I should really pay attention to not give into my pickle addiction after 7PM wink emoticon So here is what I do:

I empty the old appliance and then gently pull a tab loose and slip the babywipe under as I push the skin away from the appliance to free Stewie the Stoma from the confines of his bag.

Once it is off I hop in the shower and do the stuff girls do in the shower. Once the hair and body is washed, I use Stewie’s washcloth (one that hasn’t had soap on it) and gently wipe away any soaps or adhesive that may still be lingering and then hold it over him while I towel dry. If Stewie has behaved, even better, if not, I spritz the tub down with bleach once I get out.

I put on my robe and leave the front open but tie the belt under my belly so that I can loop a towel through it to catch any mess Stewie throws out and then make my way over to the sink. I put the towel up onto the sink and move the belt right below my “work space” again, to catch any drips. After I uncover Stewie, I put a folded piece of Toilet paper over the top of him and this usually will absorb anything leaking. Then I use the edges of the towel to dry the skin around Stewie. Then I get to work. – First I close the Velcro end of my bag and set it aside. – Second, I cut my wafer close to the size Stewie normally is then make any adjustments as needed. If I have been really active, he is usually a little larger. I leave enough room around Stewie so that I can see a tiny bit of skin all the way around to allow for movement and swelling. – Next I tear off half the brava strip and mold it into a little snake that will snugly fit around Stewie – After those things are done, I check to make sure that there hasn’t been any leaking and if there has, I clean it up really quick and then redry the area – Next up I put a generous amount of powder directly around Stewie and then a little bit on the skin where the wafer will touch. After putting the powder on, I tap my belly to get the excess off. I follow this with a light dabbing of the cavilon wipe and repeat this once more. (I ALWAYS use the crusting method. I haven’t had any skin issues since doing this so I don’t tempt fate) – After the 2 layers are on, I again double check that there are no drip lines under Stewie – Next I put the brava strip snake around Stewie and pinch it closed at the top. (I have tried the moldable rings and they just don’t seem to work for me. – Now it is time to slip the wafer on. I always put it on from bottom to top bc if Stewie is going to drip, it is almost always when it is time for the wafer. Then I work my way around the sides and the firmly press the top on. – I am pretty active. I work out, I work 2 jobs where I am on my feet all day and I am on the “very fluffy” side so I like to have a little extra protection so next I apply the barrier strips on the top and bottom of my wafer. I am kind of haphazard when doing this because my wafer stays put but I like knowing I have the extra security. – After I secure the barrier strips I attach my bag and use my belt for about an hour. I do not like to wear my belt all the time but find that an hour after application works really well to ensure the seal.

Between changes I flip flop between wearing my bag and wearing just the wafer for showers. If I wear my bag I just towel dry it really well and then go about my day.