Moments to Remember – You are NOT Alone

Here’s a collection of embarassing moments we have gathered from our fellow Ostomates. ¬†When things happen (as they usually will), don’t feel alone – We are with you!

Mine was having my bag pancake and come most of the way off at work and not have paste to replace it .

Well, mine is similar. I had an emergency change last night, put a new sample on and when I was all proud of myself, realized it didn’t have a closure at all!!!!

Mine was when I was in a meeting with my husband, daughter and her therapist. I had been constipated over the weekend and the laxatives started kicking in during the meeting. While I was speaking, I was having HORRIBLE pains and had to stop talking. My…See More

It was my first day back to work Dec 16 and I had an appointment with my surgeon 20 minutes before work. Well…I parked my car and smelt something thought is was the storm drain. …nope the bottom of my flange didn’t snap completely and I had a mou…See More

Mine was when first day out of hospital and son took me to lunch. My bag leaked out all over floor under table. My son kept telling me Mom dont worry and I will take care of it. He asked for a carry out box lol scooped it up and threw it away. I was devestated by it. But he saved the day.

I was in a cinema watching Hobbit and of course when the one really quiet moment came when a major character died. My intestines decided to vent gas and everyone in the theatre heard it’

I was told not to get out of bed after my Ostomy surgery. Of course I had to go to the bathroom. Well I was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and pain medicine but really needed to go number 1. So I get up and walk into the bathroom with my I…See More

When I tried to change the bag at home for the first time, I was not prepared. I had nothing ready, prepared or laid out. I took the bag off first. The Stoma started spewing and spewing forth stool and it got everywhere before I could even figure out w…See More

Wow!! Love how everyone is sharing it help me out a lot to feel normal. I have plenty of stories to share but one of the most embarrassing was while going to college I stop by at the library to check out a book for a project.. I literally had a poop at…See More

I’m only 2 1/2 weeks in and a total klutz, I hate to think of the stories you’ll be hearing from me once I’m past the healing stage.

In the nursing home I was in after surgery and one day while changing my wafer and bag. apparently I still had some stuff coming through. It spewed out like an erupting volcano all over. I had to get an aid to help me. I felt bad for him having to clean it up.

I was in the hospital after my JPouch creation and got up in the middle of the night to empty the new bag I had put on earlier in the day . The top part of the bag was so full – thought it would burst . Nothing was flowing down . Tried to straighten th…See More

I’ve only had mine a couple months and luckily haven’t had anything embarrassing happen. I’m sure it will eventually though My biggest frustration is I can be sitting around for hours with no output and as soon as I take it off to change it and try to get a shower it becomes active. And that happens to me all the time. But I try and stay positive by saying REALLY and laughing it off.

So far farting in public is my worst with colostomy. ….with urostomy I was in school n forgot to put bag back in my pants after in bathroom. ….or earlier yrs in school at recess n trying to stand with walker n pulled bag off n everyone wondering what’s wrong n teacher telling the whole class about my bag
hey we can’t control anything that comes out
I know but before my stoma I never really had gas

Another time, right after my 2nd ileostomy (it was moved from my right side to my left due to complications) I was at my mom’s, listening to the home care nurse tell me how to care for my three wounds: my old ileostomy site which unbeknownst to me had …See More

When I saw my stomach in the mirror after my second ileostomy surgery for the first time. It was a full length closet mirror and I looked at everything. The incision down my belly button, the old ileostomy site, the four red marks w…See More

My first ileostomy and I am in a rest area bathroom late at night. I pull down my jeans and the bag goes with it. Crap all over my feet and the floor. No one is in there with me and my husband is outside. I have never yelled so loud to get his attentio…See More

I don’t know how many darn times I have begun fold down the opening of my bag to empty it, and it slips out of my hands and spills all over everything. The toilet seat, stool, the rug, the… floor, all my clothes, my shoes…

Sometimes after bag emptying, it’s straight to the washing machine!

I was at dinner with friends when I had a leak. It was summer and I had on white pants . There was no easy way to get up so I had someone intentionally spill the spaghetti sauce on me. I Jumped up and excused myself telling folks I had to go home and change my pants. No one ever found out

Happened at a Christmas Party . I went in to empty and everything went into my panty hose. I just took them off and threw them away got cleaned up and went back to the party like Nothing ever happened.

I was on the throne earlier and decided to empty the bag then got distracted by daydreaming about how comfy my outfit was only to look down and see the brown stuff all over my clothes. I used some baby wipes to clean myself up and started a batch of laundry even tho’ it is sunday.. a day of rest indeed!

Nothing like going to the John to empty John’s bag and normally my stuff is all water. I forgot I ate a bunch of cheese last night, so I had some chunks this time. So when I emptied, plop, plop it went and I got splashed right in the mouth and eye. Brrrttt…… Gross……. Do they make mouth and eye bleach???? Lol!!!!

Woke up freakn out cuz my shirt around hip had a decent size wet spot! Immediately sat up ripped shirt off felling gross looked at bag was like wtf where is leak!? Then after 4 min of wtf!? I saw my water bottle the cap was screwed on a lil crooked and it was false alarm lol it was WATER on my shirt! Ahhhh the things that freak us Ostomates out immediately! We always think the worse and jump to the conclusion of OMG!